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CCGA Cash Advances

2018/19 CCGA Advances

The new 2018/19 CCGA Cash Advances are now available.

You must have Crop Insurance to apply for a Cash Advance.

The deadline to apply for Crop Insurance is March 31.

2018/19 CCGA Rates per MT

Barley – $ 77.60/mt
Canaryseed – $ 196.91/mt
Canola – $ 215.34/mt
Flax – $ 223.10/mt
Oats – $ 72.75/mt
Peas – $ 116.40/mt
Soybeans – $ 220.19/mt
Wheat – $ 106.70/mt
FabaBeans – $92.15/mt

Completing an Application

You can complete an application by:

  1. going online and printing off an application and completing it yourself
  2. call the CCGA at 1-866-745-2256 and completing one over the phone
  3. logging into the CCGA online application site with your APP ID and completing the application online

CMI can also help you complete your Application and submit it for you at the terminal for a fee.

The fee is $100 + GST.

2018-19 CCGA Application for All Provinces